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Pay by Phone Bingo

For those of you that enjoy mobile bingo games and love a bingo bonus, but would prefer not to set up a payment card to deposit, there is a safe and secure alternative.

By playing on a pay by phone bingo site like ours, you will be cutting out the need to use your bank account as a payment method for deposits. As such, you can now pay using your mobile phone when making deposits.

Here at Swanky Bingo, players can play pay by phone bingo and still access bonus free spins. For those players who are on a monthly phone contract and receive a mobile phone bill, you can pay by mobile phone bill too.

Bonus full T&Cs apply. Players Min deposit £10. Always play bingo responsibly. Wagering requirements apply for bonus and spins.

It’s different horses for different courses. If you have seen the term pay by phone bingo sites banded around but still aren’t sure what it is, then we’ve put together a mini-guide. This explains what this payment method is and how you can deposit £10 using a mobile phone to pay for your next game of bingo and claim a bonus along the way!

Why Play Pay by Phone Bingo?

Pay by phone bingo is almost instantaneous when you make a deposit on our site. Either the deposit comes straight out of your phone credit or the deposit amount will be taken from your next phone bill.

Minimum bingo deposit £10.

Whilst not all bingo sites accept this payment method for deposits, here at Swanky Bingo we think the more deposit options the better.

On our platform, players can still bag a bingo bonus and get a free spins bonus via this kind of deposit. We are also one of the bingo sites that accept Paypal if you prefer to use Paypal to deposit.

How Pay by Phone Bingo Works

In a nutshell, rather than making a deposit using your bank details - you get to pay with your mobile phone credit. To get started, you will need to register an account with us and then enter your phone number. Upon replying to the text on your phone, your deposit will be taken. Here's a little more detail below.

At our Swanky Bingo site, we have a variety in terms of bingo payment method deposit, as well as slots, pay with phone bill deposit. Here new players are able to make their first bingo deposit (and any bingo deposit thereafter) via phone bill or pay as you go (also called 'pay by phone'). We offer players this method of deposit via Fonix and you can still claim a bingo bonus.

Fonix is a pay by phone mobile payment platform used on heaps of phone bingo sites to allow new players an alternative way to deposit and play bingo. It's the pay by phone deposit method we use here at Swanky Bingo. This enables new players to deposit £10 or more to a bingo account using an alternative bingo payment method - and grab a free spins bonus along the way.

Should you decide to deposit this way to play bingo, you will see the pay by mobile option on the Swanky Bingo ‘payment option’ screen. As part of the new players club, all you have to do is simply register for Swanky Bingo and enter your mobile phone number. If you are an existing bingo player on the Swanky Bingo site, your pay by phone details will be remembered and you can play or claim your bonus.

Deposit by Phone Bill Bingo

Now onto pay by phone bill. For new players who are on a monthly phone contract and wish to pay by phone bill, any deposit made will be included in your mobile phone bill every month.

Your mobile phone provider will expect you to pay this bill in full, including any bingo deposit you have made through the month on our Swanky bingo sites platform. Much like all other bingo sites offering this payment method, this includes your first deposit and any deposit thereafter.

Not only that, but players are still entitled to claim a bingo bonus and free spins bonus, even on a first deposit. Deposits of under £10 are not accepted as per our Swanky Bingo bonus terms and conditions.

Regardless of whether you are PAYG or on a monthly bill, you must pay the min deposit £10 on Swanky Bingo to play our bingo games, and to claim any free spins bonus or bingo bonus.

Deposit Using PAYG (Pay As You Go)

So you want to use pay by phone to play online bingo, but you’re not on a contract? That is okay. You can deposit using pay as you go, but it works slightly different. As we’ve said, when you use your phone bill to pay, it automatically gets added to your monthly phone bill.

In terms of making a deposit via pay as you go, it will be taken from your mobile phone credit. Once again, this is the same with all bingo websites. So for example, if you have £40 phone credit and want to make a bingo bonus or slots deposit of £15 - you will have £25 remaining.

Before you select the pay by phone option and get carried away with the idea of free spins and bingo, always make sure you have enough to cover the min deposit £10.  As with any online bingo site, wagering requirements and deposit terms apply to that bingo bonus.

In our case our bonus wagering requirements 65x. Always check the terms and conditions on any bonus and free spins awarded.

Should you deposit more than you have on your phone balance, our Swanky Bingo platform will reject your order until you top up your phone further. In doing so, you can proceed to make your deposits.

Are There Pay by Phone Slots?

Providing you pay the min deposit £10, there are hundreds of slots you can access once you have topped up via pay by phone. You can also access pay by phone bill slots and the subsequent Swanky Bingo free spins bonus. New players also have the opportunity to win bonus free spins thanks to the welcome bingo bonus, more on that next.

Whilst a lot of bingo sites offer different payment methods to new players, not all bingo sites offer a paybyphone slots bonus. Paying for slots deposit with a mobile phone or mobile phone bill is a preferred payment method for some new players.

After all, some players don't want to pay for deposits using their bank account for their first deposit. As long as you deposit £10 or more you can start playing slot games and try to bag a free spins bonus.

There are lots of bonus slots and even more free spins bonus to get your hands on at Swanky Bingo. You can take advantage of free spins bonus if you deposit £10 and sign up at Swanky Bingo. Here you can claim your bingo bonus and can pay with mobile by phone bill and pay as you go.

More on new players, free spins bonus and bill bingo bonus offers next.

Pay by Phone Bingo Bonus and Spins

In terms of the bingo bonus - pay by phone bingo sites like ours offers the same promotions as any other payment method for bingo. Whether it's your first deposit as a new player on the bingo site, or you've visited before.

New players can play bingo and potentially win free spins as part of a bingo bonus. At Swanky Bingo, our free spins bonus can be used on a variety of slots.

When you've made your first deposit and signed up to our site, new players receive a welcome bingo bonus. This includes free spins on our 'Mega Wheel'.

Subject to your min deposit, the welcome bingo bonus for new players could potentially bag you 500 free spins (10 sets of 50 free spins) on Fluffy Favourites. If you've never played Fluffy Favourites, you should know that it is one of the most popular pay with phone bill slots games in the space!

There are also Amazon vouchers up for grabs.

Another popular Swanky Bingo bonus is the 'Newbie Cashback' bonus which is for new players.  As a new player, after your first deposit (£10) and claiming your free spins you will be offered this extra bonus. When you have used your initial free spins bonus you will qualify for 1% cashback every day.

As long as players have paid the min deposit (£10)  required to play our online bingo by phone, you can still claim the Swanky welcome bingo bonus. We've covered deposits, but when it comes to claiming any winnings from bingo bonus free spins - the Swanky Bingo site will need players' bank account details in order to pay you from your bingo account.

Next up we have the Swanky Bingo loyalty bonus, albeit, this one isn't only for new players. There are 5 levels of bingo loyalty and with each climb, up the ladder, there are more spins and bingo bonus treats on offer, including a birthday bonus.

Then there's the hugely popular weekly Happy Hour bonus, where players can win a variety of 'bonus 10 spins bonus' on slots every week. Minimum deposits and terms apply to any bonus mentioned.

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