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80 Bingo Millions Innstant
90 The Jackpot Room
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90 Bingo Millions
90 Bingo Millions
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Best Bingo Games

Here at Swanky Bingo, we love providing our players with the greatest bingo games that you can find anywhere online. From the common 75 ball and 90 ball bingo to the more unusual 80 ball games, we have something here for everyone to play (check out our how to play bingo guide to get up to speed with all of the game variations on offer). Our bingo rooms are always buzzing with exciting games and bingo chat amongst players but we know how daunting this can be if you are new to the world of online bingo! Find out a little more about the best bingo games on offer, free bingo, winning real cash prizes playing online bingo and more.

What are the Most Popular Online Bingo Games?

There is a wide variety of online bingo variations to choose from at Swanky Bingo, so no matter what your preference is, there will be a game to suit you. Our most popular online bingo games have to be 90 ball and 75 ball bingo and you can find out more about these games below.

90 Ball Bingo Games

90 Ball Bingo has been the favourite bingo game in the UK for decades and it is still the most popular bingo variation online. The rules are very simple as you’ll be trying to complete 1 line, then 2 lines, then a full house. There are multiple 90 ball bingo rooms available to play in at Swanky Bingo and games such as Bingo Millions have jackpots with total prizes of millions of pounds! Here’s how you can play 90 ball bingo:

  1. Choose a 90 ball bingo game from the Swanky Bingo library.
  2. Each bingo card will feature a 27 square grid with 9 columns and 3 lines. There are 5 numbers on every row, making 15 numbers on 1 ticket overall.
  3. 1 strip is 6 tickets and on a full strip all numbers from 1 – 90 will make an appearance. Choose how many bingo tickets you want in the game and place your wager.
  4. The numbers will be called out and these will be marked off your cards automatically.
  5. There are three different ways to win in 90 ball bingo, by getting 1 line, 2 lines and 3 lines which is a full house.
  6. If you are a winner, the pay out will then be added to your account.

75 Ball Bingo Games

75 Ball Bingo was first created in America but quickly became a firm favourite with players in the UK and here at Swanky Bingo! This is an exciting, but simple game to play, which makes it popular with both experienced players and newbies to the world of bingo. We have a range of 75 ball bingo rooms available with many offering jackpots into the millions! Here’s how you can play 75 ball bingo if you have not done so before:

  1. Choose a 75 ball bingo game from the Swanky Bingo bingo lobby.
  2. See what the required patterns are to win.
  3. You’ll receive your bingo cards that have 5 columns. At the top of each column is the letter of the word B I N G O.
  4. There are 75 numbers that can be called in this game and each column represents a different number range. This starts with 1 – 15 in the first column marked B and finishes with numbers 60 – 75 in the last column marked O.
  5. When the game begins, numbers will be called out and numbers on your card will automatically be marked off.
  6. If you achieve the pattern or get a full house, you’ll win a pay out which is added to your online bingo account.

What is the Best Bingo Game to Play?

The top game for each player will be totally different as we all have our own preferences! If you are just starting out, it is best to stick with the most popular games such as 90 ball and 75 ball bingo. These games have similar rules and the prizes can range vastly, so you are sure to find one that suits your budget. However, other variants are available too if you want to switch things up a little such as 80 ball bingo which is perfect for anyone who wants to try something new. If you want to play for the big bucks, check out a progressive jackpot bingo game where prizes can reach into the millions.

How to Play Free Bingo Games

There are lots of different ways that you can enjoy free bingo games if budgets are tight or you are waiting till payday. There are many games of bingo that operate on a free basis but prizes will be much smaller. There can also be free rooms for newbies to join for a set time period and free bingo games available for VIP players.

Big Jackpot Bingo Games

Every day, there are lots of fantastic guaranteed jackpot games to choose from here at Swanky Bingo. These big jackpot games range from the hundreds of pounds into the millions, so you can choose the game that is right for you. Tickets for these games start at just pennies and players of every budget take part. Plus, these big jackpot bingo games are available across all devices and you can access them on mobile, tablet and computers.

What You Need to Know About Online Bingo Rooms

If you are just getting started playing bingo online, the first thing that you will need to do is find the perfect room to play in. For those who are unsure about what exactly bingo rooms are, games are played in lots of different virtual rooms across the site and so you will need to look at each bingo room advertised and see what one is going to best for you.

Before joining a bingo game you will be able to see more information about the room such as the jackpot up for grabs, the timer countdown to the game starting, the name of the bingo room and ticket prices, so you can judge whether this is a game you want to take part in. As you take part in more games across different rooms, you will find that many of the same players can be found across the site and it becomes one big social event!

How Big are the Cash Prizes Playing Real Money Bingo Games?

When you are playing real money bingo games, the cash prizes can range from pounds and hundreds of pounds to thousands and even millions. It all depends on the bingo game you choose to play! Remember, the bigger the jackpot you are playing to win, the less likely your chances are of taking home a real money cash prize. Evaluate this when you are choosing a bingo room to play in.

Tips and Tricks to Win Bingo Games

Bingo is, ultimately, a game of chance and luck, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve those chances! There are some sensible tips and tricks to follow and we have listed these for you below:

  • Ensure that you are playing a game that is best suited to your budget.
  • Buy more bingo cards as long as it’s within your budget. Of course, the more bingo tickets that you have, the more likely you are to have a winning ticket!
  • Play when there are fewer players online to increase your chances of winning a prize. When you play in a packed room, someone is more likely to call bingo before you do.
  • A tip you may not have thought of is to socialise and make friends. Other players will let you know about any good bingo rooms to join that you may have missed out on.

Online Bingo Games Promotions

At Swanky Bingo, we always have lots of exciting bingo game promotions on the go to keep things interesting and exciting for our players. You can check these out over on our Promotions tab, but promos to look forward to include 90 Ball Friday Fun and if you are new we have a brilliant welcome bonus offer where you can spin our Mega Wheel to be awarded prizes. The full wagering requirements for these promotions can be found on the promotions page.

Play Bingo at a Licensed and Regulated Site

Before you join any gambling site and start playing, the most important thing is that you ensure you are playing at a licensed and regulated bingo site. This is vital as you don’t want to lose your money or personal details. Swanky Bingo is a reputable bingo site that you can play at with complete peace of mind as we are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. We are also part of the 15Network, one of the most reputable networks in the online gambling community.

As you can see, at Swanky Bingo there are plenty of fun bingo games for you to start playing today. Simply register your details and make your first deposit (we are now a fully regulated Payal bingo site) before choosing which game you want to first.

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