How to Play Bingo UK

Bingo is a game that has been around for centuries in one form or another and is a game that is loved by everyone, from beginners to bingo fanatics. Bingo is constantly evolving to keep up with the times but what is great about bingo is that the rules don’t really change from the French playing it centuries ago, to bingo the game seen in America during the 1930s and, of course, we cannot forget about the rise of online bingo which is just as easy to play.

How to Play Bingo UK

The rules of bingo are super simple and you can get started playing today. Before you do, make sure to read through this guide so you know exactly how to play bingo and can fully enjoy the experience.

How Does the Game of Bingo Work?

The concept of bingo and how to play bingo is easy to grasp and most people will already probably have an idea of how to play it. Both online bingo and real-life bingo hall games are played by getting bingo tickets with numbers across them and crossing off each of these numbers as they are called out by the bingo caller. The aim of the game can change depending on what bingo variation you are playing, but usually, it centres around getting 1 line, then 2 lines and then the ultimate goal is to get a full house.

Bingo games are now mostly electronic with bingo machines in clubs and random number generators online. As you play, you will also notice that the numbers are called out in their own language which is nicknamed bingo lingo. This is rhymes or sayings that relate to the number called and make the game all the more fun and enjoyable to play. Some you will never have heard of before, but don’t worry, we have complete guides right here at Swanky Bingo for you to take a look at so that you can keep up with the game. However, there will be lots of bingo calls that you do recognise like two little ducks, two fat ladies and seventeen dancing queen!

How Do You Play Bingo Step by Step?

Here, we are going to be taking a look at how to play bingo step by step, so that you know exactly what to expect when you start your very first game. What’s more, we’ve laid out for you how it works in both online UK bingo sites and bingo halls, so no matter which you decide to go for, you will feel confident in what you are doing.

Let’s get started.

How to Play Online Bingo

If you love being able to play from the comfort of your own home and on your own time, then online bingo is the game for you. Luckily, it is also incredibly easy to get started playing. Follow these steps to begin your first game.

  1. Sign up to Swanky Bingo – Before you get started playing, you will need to make sure that you are signed up to play at Swanky Bingo. New players can take advantage of our fantastic welcome offer and get access to our full range of exciting bingo games.
  2. Choose a Bingo Room – Once you are all signed up, you can then pick a bingo room to play in. Head on over to the bingo lobby where you will find the full range of rooms and each will display how much tickets are, when the game starts and what prizes you can win. The bingo variation will also be displayed, so will know if you are playing a 90 ball bingo game, 75 ball bingo game or so on.
  3. Purchase Your Tickets – After deciding on the bingo room you are going to play in, now is the time to commit and purchase your bingo tickets. How many you buy is completely up to you (we now accept bingo Paypal deposits), but the more you buy, the higher your chances will be of winning. However, it is important to remember that you must always stay within your budget.
  4. Get Started Playing! – Now you are ready to get started playing. The good news with online bingo is that the numbers on your bingo cards will be marked off automatically, so you cannot fall behind during a game. If you are lucky enough to win a prize, the cash will be instantly added to your bingo account and once the game is over, you will be able to buy more tickets for the next game.

How to Play Land-Based Bingo?

How to play bingo in a land-based club is very similar to playing online, so if you are familiar with one, then you will pick up the other in no time at all. This is a better option for you if you prefer the thrilling atmosphere of the bingo hall. Playing in a real bingo hall can be a daunting experience, but if you know what you are doing and what to expect, then it doesn’t have to be.

  1. Choose a Bingo Hall – Whether this is one of the big name brands or a game for charity, you will need to decide where you are going to play bingo and what type of bingo variation you are looking for.
  2. Purchase Your Bingo Ticket – After choosing where you are going to play, you will need to purchase your bingo tickets from the venue. Remember, when playing at a real bingo hall, you will need to cross out the numbers yourself, so the more cards you have, the harder it will be to keep pace with the game. If you are beginner, it is a good idea to start out with just a few cards and as you progress, you can buy more. Like online bingo, the more cards you have, the more you are likely to win a cash prize.
  3. Choose Your Seat – Choosing a seat in a bingo hall can be nerve wracking but the good news is that most people at bingo halls are extremely friendly and welcoming, so choose your seat wisely as this could potentially help you to make friends too. Don’t be surprised if another player politely asks you to move as many will have their lucky seat. You could also end up with a lucky seat!
  4. Get Started Playing – Now all you have to do is wait for the game to start. Make sure you know what the winning patterns are and keep up with the game by marking your numbers off as they are called. If you are a winner, shout ‘BINGO!’ Your card will be checked and you can take home your cash prize.

How Do You Win at Bingo?

The goal in bingo is simple and that is you will need to cross off numbers from your card in the specified pattern when they are called. There are a number of ways to win and here are some of the most common ones that you will find.

One Bingo Line

In most games, the first opportunity that you will have to grab a win is by marking off the numbers in one bingo line. It tends to be a horizontal line, but there are some games that will accept diagonal or vertical lines, so be sure to check this before you start the game.

Win Two Lines

The next opportunity to win is usually two lines and this is simply the same as above but you will be looking to mark off 2 lines of numbers rather than just 1. This can be any two horizontal lines on the bingo ticket, unless you are playing a game that accepts other winning bingo patterns.

A Full House

The biggest win in any game of bingo is a full house and this is when you mark off every single number on your bingo card. You can then claim the largest prize of the game which can be anything from £20 up to thousands of pounds depending on the game. Also, don’t forget to shout ‘BINGO’ as loudly as you can to ensure you don’t miss out on the prize.

What is a Line in Bingo

Winning a line in bingo is simply crossing off all the numbers on that line if they are called. The next step of the game is to get two lines.

Top Tips to Win Playing Bingo

Bingo is a game of chance and luck, but that doesn’t mean that there are no steps that you can take to help you increase your chances of winning! Here are some of our top tips and strategies that you may want to implement to take home a big cash prize.

  • Play When It’s Quiet – Our first top tip is to play bingo during quiet periods. Why? Well, if there are fewer players in the game, there is less competition when it comes to calling BINGO first. Your chances will be massively increased if the bingo room has limited players.
  • Purchase More Cards – The more bingo cards you have, the more likely you are to have a winning card. However, when buying bingo tickets don’t go overboard and blow your budget.
  • Join the Chat Rooms – Whilst you are playing online bingo, you can socialise with other players in the chat rooms. Here, there can be other prizes up for grabs which are not related to the main game. Even if you don’t win the main prize, you could still leave the game ecstatic from winning a chat room prize.
  • Follow a Strategy – There are two strategies in the world of bingo that prove to be popular amongst players although nothing is guaranteed. One is the Granville strategy and the other is the Tippet strategy.

Online Bingo vs the Bingo Hall

Once players learn how to play bingo, many have a hard time choosing between playing online bingo and playing at a hall. Both games are fantastic and you will have a great time no matter which you choose, however, some players will be better suited to one over the other.

Playing at a real bingo hall is great for the social side as you can make great friends, it gets you out of your house and there is nothing quite like the thrill and excitement of a real bingo game when someone calls BINGO.

While bingo halls are still very popular, they are no longer as popular due to the rise of online bingo & mobile bingo and the majority of players choose to play at an online bingo site like Swanky Bingo instead. Online bingo is incredibly easy to play and you don’t have to worry about being nervous attending a bingo hall or keeping up with how fast-paced the game can be as it will automatically cross out the numbers for you. What’s more, online bingo gives you a much wider choice and on your own time as there are always lots of exciting games starting in the lobby. Players love that they can enjoy games from as little as a penny, but also have the option of playing for massive cash prizes. Plus, you can still enjoy the social element of this game from the comfort of your own home with the chat rooms full of like-minded people.

As you can see, learning how to play bingo is incredibly easy and once you get started playing, there will be no stopping you as you check out a wide variety of brilliant games and try your hand at taking home some big cash prizes. Swanky Bingo is the perfect place to get started as our site is welcoming, friendly, and there is a big welcome offer waiting for new players that you can find out more about over on our promotions page. Don’t miss out and make sure to sign up today to get full access to a range of 90 ball bingo games, 75 ball bingo games and more!

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