History of the Bingo Hall

Bingo is a game that has been popular for centuries all across the world and it is still a firm favourite here in the UK! Many games come and go, and while the popularity of bingo has peaks and troughs, this is a game that is not going anywhere anytime soon as it evolves to continually entertain people up and down the country. Providing hours of fun and big money prizes, there is no other game like it.

History of the Bingo Hall

Everyone is heading online to enjoy the wide range of bingo games at bingo sites like Swanky Bingo, but it was in bingo halls where the popularity of bingo first grew. We’ve summarised for you below the interesting history of bingo.

The Origins of Bingo

While it didn’t always have the name bingo, the concept of this game has been around for centuries, dating back to 1530 in the south of Italy. It was another type of Italian lottery and became a popular game around the globe over the next few hundred years.

It was in the 1700s when the history of the bingo hall truly began as France took this concept and renamed it Le Lotto. This game was extremely similar to the game of bingo that we still play today! You could expect 90 numbers, 3 rows and 9 columns, with a bingo caller, a wooden bingo hall and you’d be scoring off numbers from bingo cards to try and win a prize.

Popularity in America

Edwin Lowe, a car salesman, became the first person to bring bingo fever to the US after visiting a carnival hosting the game. After taking the game back to New York, it became almost an instant hit. He first tried to keep the name Beano, but it was Bingo that stuck with the players. He created the rule book and copyrighted the word ‘bingo’ in the 1930s, creating the modern bingo game that we know today.

Bingo Takes Off in the UK

In the 1950s, the UK entertainment scene consisted mainly of the theatre and cinema halls. However, when the television was invented, more and more people began to stay at home which had an effect on the cinema industry and many to adapt or close their doors. Consequently, many that chose to adapt became bingo halls. For many cinemas, this started as just a few nights a week and the cinema operated the rest of the week, but as the popularity of bingo soared throughout the country, many became permanent bingo halls, where customers could play bingo, eat, drink and socialise.

In the UK, bingo was seen as a way to help bring communities together and boost the morale of the country after the Second World War and many local councils used it for this purpose.

The Peak of Bingo Halls

Bingo hit its peak in the 60s in the UK and was a regular activity millions enjoyed taking part in. To give you an idea of its popularity, over 1 million people were playing in bingo halls every month and there were over 1000 bingo halls across the UK.

You’ll still find plenty of bingo halls across the UK, but of course, they do not have the same popularity that they once did. Around 400 halls still exist and are hugely popular with their players. However, it was the time between the 60s and 90s that saw the biggest hit on the bingo hall and the game once again reinvented itself with online bingo growing in popularity.

Are Bingo Halls Dead?

More and more players moved to playing online bingo, but bingo halls aren’t completely dead. There are hundreds that you can enjoy visiting across the country and provide an amazing social community. Plus, with the introduction of entertainment nights like Bongo’s Bingo, live bingo games are even gaining popularity amongst the younger generation again.

Online Bingo Grows in Popularity

With the introduction of new and innovative technology, online bingo was born. The first game online was back in 1996, but you’ll be pleased to hear that since then, the quality has vastly improved. By the time we hit the mid-2000s, online was the place to be for pretty much everything and bingo wasn’t any different, along with many other forms of gambling including slots and sports betting. Players could enjoy all of their favourite, classic bingo games from the comfort of their own home and play for huge cash prizes. With over 3 million players now online, there has never been a better time to experience the fun and entertaining world of online and mobile bingo sites.

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